Pantomime is easy to do badly, but hard to do well. The core values held by Magic Beans ensure that our shows are among the best in the industry.

The Show

No matter how famous the star, how pretty the poster, or how popular the title, it's this year's show that will sell next years tickets! A fresh script written especially for the cast and venue, with a combination of traditional pantomime routines and modern musical theatre moments, beautiful sets and costumes, high quality special effects, and a sprinkle of fairytale magic come together to create a beautifully balanced pantomime, that truly entertains an audience of all ages.

The Cast

Casting is key, and those who decry the use of celebrities in pantomime should read up on their panto history. From singers to magicians, and from top billed variety acts to champion boxers, pantomime has been casting celebrities for at least two hundred years, and is an important element of a pantomime structure, as well as being an excellent marketing tool. The mistake is in casting well known TV names who deliver at the box office, but not on stage. Magic Beans hand picks a cast of well known names and experienced pantomime performers, who provide excitement and expectation in the lead up to the show, and then deliver top class performances throughout the run.

The Music

You cannot properly produce a pantomime without live music. Magic Beans come with a five piece band as a minimium standard, who, supported by freshly produced click tracks, create a magical atmosphere that enhances all aspects of a pantomime. Song choices are also carefully chosen, to engage all age groups, and provide truly spectacular West End moments.

The Marketing

TMB applies the same standards in marketing that it does in production, and have become expert in marketing a pantomime. Using fresh new artwork design, online, digital and social media, press, radio and outdoor marketing, as well as special events and a unique outreach programme, TMB understands that, to stand out from the crowd, you have to do things differently.
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